10 things I cant wait to get back to:

  1. My insanely loud but lovable family
  2. Saba Singh :)
  3. Sri Lankan black coffee
  4. My bed and air conditioning
  5. The majlis in my living room and my room in CMUQ
  6. Unlimited bandwidth
  7. Arabic cuisine
  8. Education City (who’d have thunk?)
  9. Shopping variety in malls
  10. Good radio!

Float parade at the beginning of Te Maeva Nui. 

Given that my ministry works with waste disposal and recycling - it was only fitting that our float was made up of recycled plastic bottles - a week’s worth to be exact. 
I helped them make bottle flowers for bouquets that were put on our hats. 

Sunset shot at Black Rock. 

Sunset shot at Black Rock. 

2 weeks more…

Im not sure how I feel about that; In a way I’m excited to be going home but I’ve also gotten used to being out here. It’ll be hard going back to desert heat and hot nights. 

Ascot aint got nothing on us!

Hats were a big part of the float parade and everyone working at MOIP got a couple of crazy ones as can be seen. My co-workers insisted on giving Sean (who they’ve affectionately nicknamed my “Work Husband”) a hat too. 

Mini Golf!